musil - museum of industry and labour - brescia


The musil is the first museum dedicated to not just industrialisation as a phenomenon but also society as a whole, represented by a wide range of materials. From a chronological point of view, it is focused on the last two centuries to present day; from a thematic point of view, industry and labour are considered as the main forces for the process of modernization of the society; from a geographical point of view, the museum is dedicated to the European context with a deeper analysis of the national, regional and local dimensions.

The characteristics of the museum can be summed up in the following points:

  • uniqueness of the collections within the theme of communication in contemporary society: from press to industrial cinema and commercial advertisement on television;
  • abundance and variety of collections which represent technological branches, crucial in the industrialisation process;
  • abundance and variety of archives and documentation about History of technology, labour and environment;
  • quality and quantity of documentaries on “long term” History of the territory of Brescia;
  • heritage research and industrial archaeology materials make this museum unique in Italy and one of the first in Europe;
  • a unique case in Italy; reuse of industrial containers for a museum purpose. These containers are preserved in an active and consistent way, giving the opportunity of an extraordinary experience in a deindustrialisation era where the traditional industrial environment is disappearing.

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