musil - museum of industry and labour - brescia


The specific mission of the museum of industrialisation society which is being created in Brescia, can be summed up by the following aims:

  • using the heritage of machines, objects, documents and knowledge for a presentation of the crucial moments of the History of the 20th century in Italy;
  • documenting and communicating the heritage of Lombard and Italian archaelogical industry and becoming the only permanent institution that collects and interprets data and makes it available to the public;
  • supplying communication services and promotion of the historical-industrial heritage in a strategy of developing new industrial tourism experiences;
  • being a center specialized on museography of the industrial heritage in a European context;
  • being a permanent and qualified landmark for research centers, industry and universities from the perspective of promotion and study of the technological progress;
  • being a permanent observatory on the transformation of the organisation and the technology of work and industry.
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