musil - museum of industry and labour - brescia

The musil

The “musil – Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia” is the first Italian museum dedicated to not just industrialisation as a phenomenon but also society as a whole, represented by a wide range of materials.

At the moment, the museum includes the following centers:

  • the Museum of Industry and Labour of Rodengo Saiano, in Franciacorta, a store open to the public and which works for the whole system.
  • the Museum of the Hydroelectric power, in the middle of the Valle Camonica, in a big building which is a symbol of the modernity of the 20th century, the perfect container for a next generation museum.
  • the Museum of Iron, located in an old forge in Brescia, totally intact and intended to keep a thousand year old tradition alive.
  • the main center, which is under construction in the area of the ex-Tempini plant in Brescia.

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